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Appreciative Inquiry Summit 29-31 mei 2017

Post-Summit. How our story is going to continue

Esther Peeters
Geschreven door Esther Peeters
Geplaatst op 04-06-2017

While all the energy and the radical connectedness was still buzzing around in the Cruise Terminal, a little group of enthusiastic people gathered in the little igloo to come up with ideas for sustaining the engagement of the participants, post-Summit.


We all felt the need to find a way to sustain the energy and engagement of everyone involved during MADE. Ideas like buddy systems, catching up over time and following the flow of seasons spoke to us.


Radical proposals

Our first radical proposal is to all block the 30th of May 2018. On this day, we will meet each other again at a new Summit. Details to be worked out and hoping for someone with a venue to offer it for next year.


Our second proposal is a post-Summit design for sustaining engagement, that follows the seasons:


  • Spring
    This is the season we are in now. The post-Summit experience involves storytelling, getting to know each other via madesummit.com and making a connection with three other participants of MADE. By getting two buddies, we can follow each other’s progress on the initiatives and cheer them on.

    Call for action: who could be your buddy's? Who have you naturally reached out to since the conference? What might emerge if you spend some time this week connecting with people who you haven't had a chance to yet?


  • Summer
    In summer we celebrate our successes up until then, and share them with the others. There will be a system of ‘cartrackers’; per initiative there will be someone who shares the progression of the initiative with the other ‘cartrackers’. The ‘cartrackers’ connect with each other and spread the word via madesummit.com


  • Autumn
    Autumn is the time to catch up with your buddy’s, to gather stories and share magic moments. Time for online and offline contact.


  • Winter
    In this season there is time for reflection. Via organizational journalism and madesummit.com we share inspiration, like interviews, books, movies et cetera.


Do you have other ideas to sustain the engagement of the participants, post-Summit? Feel free to share them under this article!


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